Dec 18, 2009

Death in Exhale

I must explain that this poem reflects nothing of my own personal emotions, rather it's the voice of the unknown.
I read a poem written by a guy who accused the girl of many things & wished she would die. 
His words were full of grim, dark thoughts, and I took it upon myself to give the girl a voice to enable her to reply to his accusations. I hope you like it :]

Dec 13, 2009

If I was a Boy I'd be Gay

A shocking title? Maybe so, had it been remotely sexual. But it's not, so you can relax your face and wipe the wtf look off.

Now bear in mind that every time I say gay in the next page or two I mean purely homosexual men, not women. 

Nov 26, 2009

Wish List

What I would like for the year 2009 is for it t bring peace of mind to everyone, a sincere sound of heart, and a big f*cking bag of money for me
The economy hasn't shaped up yet, there's a black man in the white house, war on my east, a heart-breaking occupation and war against humanity on my west and a struggle to be the best I possibly can, on the inside.

Nov 21, 2009

Rage Against the Machine

I really do NOT like technology! I don't like it..! No reason, I just don't.  
Actually yes there is, SEVERAL reasons come to think about it! Technology has ruined humanity & sentiment for me. As a matter of fact for everyone; unconsciously we are all robots now. Yes we are!

If I tell you a story in person, it can break your heart & you would cry (maybe), but if you watch a video, or read that story, you may pause it to get up and get a drink, or use the bathroom; you may even come to it the next day...Well guess what? You just ruined the whole story, you can't pause it, you SHOULDN'T pause it.

Nov 19, 2009

a sip of my cup

Coffee is one beverage i am grateful for.
People mention water first, but i personally don't like the bland plain taste of water. I like taste! we have taste-buds why should I be deprived of an extra dash of taste?

I take mine black with sugar in the morning, white with no sugar midday and then black in the evening, no sugar no cream.

Nov 18, 2009

piece of my cake

So it begins, again. This would be my dozen plus 1 time, at least, trying to write a blog and perhaps keep it?
The thing with blogs is essentially you throw them into a vast sphere of nothingness. You don't see the expression on one's face when they read it; and I like to know what impressions my little writings leave, after all their comments on blogs they read are optional where as their facial reactions are not.