Aug 13, 2012

That Particular Time

'Yet another reflectional post, adapted to Alanis Morissett - That Particular Time , this may or not be my story. Give it a read & let me know.

Like everyone with a sound mind, I have my very own, well devised foundations, they were rocked when you entered. So bluntly, so inexcusably, so breathtakingly strong.

As a firm believer of trial & error – learn from your mistakes; my tried and true way to deal was to vanish. I simply walked away; I didn't need to or want to, consciously cause myself hurt or pain.

Aug 12, 2012

Dear Love

Dear love
You have woken in me so many things I thought dead

Dear love
You have breathed life back in to the soul I thought buried

Dear love
You have healed many wounds in the flesh I thought scarred