Aug 7, 2011

in LOVE with Risalet Salam - JEEL رسالة سلام - جيل

Other than the obvious reasons that a lot of people i love are in the video & that it was shot in Aqaba; a GREAT Jordanian city - there is the reason that the song is all about

- Love (for humans) not the love that is OVER-FLOWING in all other Arabic songs (the desperate kind of love)

- PEACE which is something every person has called for at least once in 2011..if you have no idea what i'm talking about plz crawl back under the rock you were under.

- Equality; gender, race, sex, religion, age,'re not better nor worse - so act accordingly

Enjoy the song & take the positive , don't comment on whomever's teeth, or why are there some Lebanese words, or  why does this girl have a piercing or that guy's hair..let it go & just & let live

Aug 5, 2011

I HATE getting dressed

i hate the whole process of it -
You have to dress according to what area in Amman - Jo you’re going to..Where you ‘MIGHT’ go to.. Where you will drive to get there..who you might encounter & of course if you’ll be walking or valet’ing it

As an Arab female getting dressed for work is a piece of cake, BUT the area my job is located at - forget about ittttt - anything that remotely shows skin ie; face, hands, feet will hollard at, stared at - مش لجمالي بس صار حق عام

Young & Talented - the silent musicians of the Middle East

it breaks my heart into pieces to meet/hear these young talented Arabs - that try & struggle with getting their music & messages
when you have people dying over foreign artists who talk about the flaky trivial issues, like bling,sex,drugs,women,booz & trash.
check Torabyeh out - this song features Tarek Abu Kwaik from far3i & Al-Murabba3
plz share it & listen to their music - hats off

Amman Guys have a new pick up line?

So i’m not a fan of pick up lines, if you want to say something be creative, be different or at least be yourself.

but i noticed recently guys in Amman ‘EXPECT’  a girl to get all excited that said boy is talking to her, & he also ‘EXPECTS’ a yes on almost everything..
No, if I’m not in the mood to talk to you, or if I’m spoken for it’s a NO on that m friend & it should be OK - but noooooo recently here’s what happened