Aug 5, 2011

I HATE getting dressed

i hate the whole process of it -
You have to dress according to what area in Amman - Jo you’re going to..Where you ‘MIGHT’ go to.. Where you will drive to get there..who you might encounter & of course if you’ll be walking or valet’ing it

As an Arab female getting dressed for work is a piece of cake, BUT the area my job is located at - forget about ittttt - anything that remotely shows skin ie; face, hands, feet will hollard at, stared at - مش لجمالي بس صار حق عام

and if u dare say something back - يا سلااااااااااام هات سكتّهم

if you’re goin out لازم to have the following:
1. A shawl or a jacket la2in u will be driving about till u get there & of course leaving back home at night..
2. A male friend to walk you to & from your car, especially at night.
3. A full tank of gas so you won’t stop for it
4. A full pack of cigarettes ‘just in case’ you don’t want to stop at a baqaleh!
5. Credit for your phone - see previous reason
6. A bullet proof car, u get hit/banshar/over-heat مافي داعي
I’m not saying i hate it or i hate this place (to all you people who live in your ALL-OK in Jo bubble)
I’m just saying i hate the hassle & sometimes dare i say it - i wish the whole GCC thing meant we MUST wear a 3abaya la2ino arya7 to be honest..sort of like a uniform -_- but even tho there still will be hollaring

i will document what happens today..bare in mind i’m neither flamboyant, nor shakra, nor taweeleh..i’m a normal looking girl..

let the experiment begin

(update - experiment failed since i couldn't be can't teach people something they DON'T want to learn)