Aug 7, 2011

in LOVE with Risalet Salam - JEEL رسالة سلام - جيل

Other than the obvious reasons that a lot of people i love are in the video & that it was shot in Aqaba; a GREAT Jordanian city - there is the reason that the song is all about

- Love (for humans) not the love that is OVER-FLOWING in all other Arabic songs (the desperate kind of love)

- PEACE which is something every person has called for at least once in 2011..if you have no idea what i'm talking about plz crawl back under the rock you were under.

- Equality; gender, race, sex, religion, age,'re not better nor worse - so act accordingly

Enjoy the song & take the positive , don't comment on whomever's teeth, or why are there some Lebanese words, or  why does this girl have a piercing or that guy's hair..let it go & just & let live