Sep 1, 2011

Orange VS Zain

Let's start off by saying i've been with Zain since they were FastLink & have been a client for the past 10 years & any friend or relative that comes for a visit gets a Zain Line as a suggestion from yours truly.

i'm going to try and will succeed in being fair, cuz i know NO ONE nor am related to nor affiliated with ANYONE who works in either companies.

My problem is i'm not a super geek, يعني بالعربي, لو عطوني كل اللي عم بدفع حقّو و زيادة أو نصّو ما عندي أي فكرة بس مشاكلي هم هدول
This is a ONE fine day's experience

1. Calling centers:
Zain, i really do appreciate the people who work there الله يعطيهم ألف عافية
But..! I'm not the reason for the political uprising in the region, nor your mother in-law, nor am  the girl your boyfriend left you for.
Be a little bit more cheerful about life, people who work in client servicing need/have to YES NEED AND HAVE TO BE chipper, happy & Bubbly - DEAL WITH IT..we all did. Also if you don't know an answer please take your time or call me back but for the love of GaGa ما تستخفوا بعقولنا.
if you guys need a course on people skills معلش يا زين الأردن تكّتوا هالكمن ألف..God knows u can afford it.

Orange, i've noticed when you give me an approximated time on answering my call it's freakishly precise. also i have been called back when my issues needed 'looking into' - polite & straight to the point answer & no 'بتمنالك اي شي لأنو برضو أحسن ما حدش يتمنى أي شي للتاني
oh and a certain Eman at customer care called me after a tweet i sent out & was MORE than helpful & actually gave me a few tips on which offers they had & would be useful..etc & she offered me the same # if i would switch to Orange (which i'm highly considering)

Orange 1 - Zain 0

2. Experience at the mall - this is plain and simple - *City Mall both Orange & Zain - same questions & same needs. it was 5pm they both JUST OPENED*

I walk into Zain get a #, wait forever, even tho there's like 4 people in the store & 3 sales/customer care employees. the hellos & how are yous i feel are necessaries on my behalf.
My question was really simple, can you explain ur wireless USB internet offers - here's my problem, if you make me feel like i'm asking you to build me Taj Mahal or un-tilt the Tower of Pisa i will automatically lose interest in anything u do or say after that. The guy felt it necessary to get up & exhale, roll eyes & look left and right and use no eye contact what-so-ever (hello client servicing course) i lost interest since he made it clear i stabbed someone or something precious, but from the HD Chart he managed to scribble i understood that i HAVE to pay the 1st & 6th month on all internet plans..bro i need it for a month لأ ما بيصير - أنا عم بأمنك شي حقّو 100 دينار sooo kinda of a ضمان...uhh yeah
the plans were over-priced so i asked to keep the amazing sketch he drew since they had nothing printed out & he actually had to DOUBLE CHECK IF HE COULD GIVE ME A BLANK PIECE OF A4 PAPER - oh i'm sorry i forgot ur a rep. for the pentagon.

Orange booth:
the guy was uber friendly, welcoming, Eid wishes ANDDDD he had a smile on the face..he explained everything - EVERYTHING & showed me printed brochures, i ended up buying their wireless internet USB & he checked my coverage & was honest about Khalda being a lil bit weak, he made sure to inform me BEFORE selling me anything, i took my sweet time asking a lot of questions & he handed me everything i needed & more, he said he or his colleague are available during days of Eid should i have any inquires (and NO he was not flirting bcuz my mum was with me & he was equally polite to her)
His colleague  made up to 5 sales in the time i was there & the people behind me & around were watching his presentation of their 'Internet Everywhere' wireless USB internet & i'm sure the guy behind me ended up buying one as well.

Orange 1 - Zain 0

3. Online response
i consider myself a twitter-aholic, so i know what i'm talking about.
Orange are slow in response but with customized answers
Zain should shut doen their twitter, the person behind it speaks to me like they know me, with a tone of *i'm better & u suck* and always the same responses 'plz DM us your # & we will check ..bla bla bla*

Orange 0.5 - Zain 0

i wish i can review the USB packages like an expert but i can't, so far the Orange one i'm using now is awesome & it has a counter to show me how much i've spent to keep me in check yay.

this is not to diss a company or blow the reputaion of another up, this is because i care about the image our comanies project & post/pre- purchase services SHOULD be better, after all we depend a lot on tourism no?