Sep 9, 2016

2016: Chapter 1

29 take #4 

If i learned anything about myself in the past 30+ years, it's if and when i feel like doing something, i should do it otherwise that want, need and desire withers away and dies a horrible unspoken death.

This morning i woke up and decided to make a cup of coffee and write, granted i had to type which gives me zero to no pleasure at all, but how else would i be able to share with you lovely creatures of curiosity what's going on in my brain.

there's something about writing that allows me to express better, could be the smudges of wet ink or pencil, which i find unfathomably sexy. Or it could be the fact that part of you goes into the paper as your letters curve one by one to make a little dance on a flat surface making it come alive.

Bah humbug! i digress! I sit here at my light brown dining table surrounded by everything our cozy apartment has to offer, 2 fluffy cats, color coordinated furniture, a view of green and blue, and it all feels like a watermark background or a clipping from "Better Homes" magazine. For some reason the need to play music is not hovering over my head, strange.