Aug 5, 2011

Amman Guys have a new pick up line?

So i’m not a fan of pick up lines, if you want to say something be creative, be different or at least be yourself.

but i noticed recently guys in Amman ‘EXPECT’  a girl to get all excited that said boy is talking to her, & he also ‘EXPECTS’ a yes on almost everything..
No, if I’m not in the mood to talk to you, or if I’m spoken for it’s a NO on that m friend & it should be OK - but noooooo recently here’s what happened

Incident #1
I was out with friends at H20 - if you haven’t checked it out - DO NOT GO ON A THURSDAY - the amount of kids - & yes i do mean you’re a kid if you’re under 21, can’t control your alcohol & MUST take 765859874079 pictures when you’re out - & people in general was toooooooo much.
I’m fine as long as no one ruins my night, but these 2 guys wanted to grab our table as we were leaving, so be it, but basically told us to GTFO or they sit with us till we leave..
‘uhhh no!’
‘yes no!’
‘tab f*ck u who do u think u are’
he proceeds to become even more aggressive & showing ill manners that his big buddy had to grab him & try to ‘stop’ him from hitting my friend (who is a girl btw) ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Incident #2
later that night as i was waiting for the valet to get my car, that was later discovered to be scratched “not sure if it was the valet’s fault” non the less while waiting for 45 mins - i was on the phone, as a guy was sitting next to me “waiting for his car” - got in, he knocks on my window..
“o ba3daaaaaaaaain ya3ni - haik kteer!!” (meaning that’s a lil too much!!)
“pardon?” my friends said drive off, i was still on the phone so i asked what is it he wanted?
“ili sa3a bastani tkhalsee hal talefon 3ashan at3araf 3alaiki!”(I’ve been waiting over an hour 4 u to hang up so i can talk to u)
“oh sorry, anyway it’s a lil bit too late, good night”
“”tab k*s *khtek” <—- (translates to f*ck you)
“WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!” “what did you say”
he just walked off!!!

when did it become so “3ADI” for guys in Amman to drop eff bombs at girls,curse & degrade!!! When did bringing up mums & sisters become something of the ‘NORM’
it’s NOT, & if your ‘female’ friends are OK with it, that doesn’t mean all other girls are! I have NEVER needed to use such language & especially with people i don’t know!

What happened to - when a girl needed a guy, they all jump in to help? or when a girl was being verbally insulted or hit on, MEN stepped in!? - where did all those values go?

Maybe it’s the whole equality thing? Men just assume we’re the same? or that we don’t need help anymore? maybe it’s ‘expectations’? maybe it’s anger? maybe it’s the a-a-a-alcohol - or maybe it’s a new pick up line in cool West Amman?


  1. Maybe it's because of the downfall of ethics in general. Maybe it's because there is no rule of law anymore, guys think they can't be punished for their rudeness. Maybe it's because the crude beduins have taken over the city and feel they are protected by their tribe. Maybe it's because Jordanian girls of Palestinian origin are considered a justified "loot".

  2. unfortunately 90% of the guys who attend places like H2O are not what we expect them to be.. we have experienced plenty of what u did :s Entrance is for free, and if ur friends with whomever, u'll sure get in. no reservations? fine, they'll reserve for next week..and so forth. it IS the ridiculous alcohol,mixed with overrated male ego, that causes them to react this way when rejected! i say these self centered bastards just need to be burned alive :D!

  3. No, It's the alcohol ..

  4. guys think girls like tough guys who treat them bad,not afraid to act as rebels to norm

  5. I was starting to write what "neena" wrote in the first line.
    and obviously those guys I know that attend H2O and other places are there for a girl or girls.
    I don't go there although it pops to my head sometimes but it is the judgment I just put here ... I never want to be on the other end.