Nov 21, 2009

Rage Against the Machine

I really do NOT like technology! I don't like it..! No reason, I just don't.  
Actually yes there is, SEVERAL reasons come to think about it! Technology has ruined humanity & sentiment for me. As a matter of fact for everyone; unconsciously we are all robots now. Yes we are!

If I tell you a story in person, it can break your heart & you would cry (maybe), but if you watch a video, or read that story, you may pause it to get up and get a drink, or use the bathroom; you may even come to it the next day...Well guess what? You just ruined the whole story, you can't pause it, you SHOULDN'T pause it.
The reason for this little raging rant is, I spent the ENTIRE week recovering over 80Gs of music (no I don't care how you spell gigs). The program that is so evil I dare not mention its name, but it's widely used to update iPods - hint hint. It starts with an (I) and ends with the same word that completes the Warner Brothers' cartoon the Loony – (*****). There you go.
It was not a human a fault, I assure you I'm not as stupid as I may look sometimes, but instead, it was pre-set to delete songs from my computer as well as its library; by the time I hit ctrl+A and Deleted all the songs from said program's library, it was too late and I had lost ALL MY MUSIC.
I almost had a heart attack, because that was permanent, now thanks to another cool program called RECOVA, I recovered every music file that had ever been played on my laptop, please stress EVERY file and EVER played. A whole week of my life STILL being spent re-ordering, re-naming, re- converting and re-arranging.
I know I love doing the last part because of my OCD - but it makes the long gone days of cassettes so sweet and charming that I want them BACK
Now back in the day, you had to actually either set fire to a picture or tear it up using some physical effort to destroy it, and even then you can glue it back together. Now a days, a simple OOOOPS and you have lost that memory.
You had to go and ask the photographer to develop a new set for a friend. Photoshop was not an option; YOU HAD TO LOOK GOOD or live with it. No cropping exes, no screening pictures before downloading, no charging batteries, no under-water shots, no amazing solar system zoomage.
You did however need to take another picture "just in case". You had to wait 32-36 pictures to develop that set, you'd interrupt the "SAY CHEEEEEEESE" moment to ask to everyone to "waaaaaaaaaaaait, I ran out of space, I have to change the film". There was that ever annoying sound, resembling that of a cat strapped to a type writer falling down aluminum foiled stairs - announcing that the film is rewinding. You had to buy extra batteries, and you had to make sure you were NOT facing the sun.
But the joys of collecting that developed set the next day, putting in frames pictures that will remind you of a captured memory or a crooked angle with the often trace of a finger in the way of the shot made it all worth it. People looked natural, out of focus, ready and prepared (because it took a long time for the flash to be ready and wasn't in warp speed)
Music was on tapes or LPs. You couldn’t download, and you risked the chance of recording ads, the Dj's voice or a sudden interruption to a song we were trying to rip off the radio's Top 20 shows. Mixed tapes was a must for a relationship, encrypted messages were hidden between lines we had each memorized the wrong lyrics to song because 'I can see clearly now the BRAIN is gone' sounded just about right. People like Sting, Aerosmith and Brown ran the risk of singing about nothing AND everything because there were no amazing website that had the lyrics to EVERY SONG.
We watched films in theatres, waited for TV channels to grace us, or video stores to consider the small budget it had to pay to import a film. Tapes didn't scratch, you couldn't skip scenes, burning was a term never to be considered when handling a film and you couldn't ZIP anything to fit a stick smaller than your pinky.
We talked more, texted less. Drew better sketches using no templates or illustrators. We learnt more instead of googling. We had lines on our faces because we laughed we didn't LOL. Babies' first moments were remembered not digitally recorded. Women were pretty not enhanced. Images were remembered, painted or photographed not retouched, re-edited and under/over saturated. We wrote words using pens and paper, typed less blogs using computers and the web. Used a dictionary rather than Words' super uber spell check. Kids played outside not under sheets with a console that would cause notable eye sight deterioration. People had friends not e-chat mates. We wrote love letters rather than send e-cards. Books were read not cliff noted. Essays were researched not ripped. Music was enjoyed not pirated. And my space, facebook and all the other cool networking sites were the STREETS, malls, school yards and university campuses. Sex and porn were still taboo. And mothers yelled for lunch not miss call you.
It's absolutely disgusting how addicted we are, and even more appalling the damage caused by the loss of technology for even a day. If your phone died or you didn't have credit, people panic that you can NOT be reached. An inactive facebook profile was LAME. People became more socially awkward but great chatters, fat people became fatter because on the internet we're all gorgeous. Kids are introverted, illiterate, brain dead and physically week from spending hours in front of a screen on a killing spree. Parents are detached from their families; cousins are poked instead of visited.
And I am still working on my god damn music list because of choosing cntr+A play I delted another play list. Maybe I am dumb, maybe I'm crazy. But I would pull out a mix tape any day, rather than download/rip/upload/zip/burn/crack/hack or whatever term I missed.
Until another moment where I need to rage or am hungry.


  1. hahahah Epic. You're far too pretty and young to be so cynical, sounds like something I'd say. I remember the days before mobile phones too, mhm, it's true. Days that when you said you'd meet someone at a certain time and a certain place you ACTUALLY had to turn up. People had much more integrity and were much more reliable then. Ah....*sigh* the goold oul days. Lolz points well made :) Pen and paper didn't detach the writer so much from their work neither, not like this sterile typo laiden keyboard.

  2. i plan on linking google directly into my cerebellum


  3. Itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait what is that? lol.

  4. VERY TRUE! As much as I love technology, as much as I hate how it's breaking our human relations.