Nov 18, 2009

piece of my cake

So it begins, again. This would be my dozen plus 1 time, at least, trying to write a blog and perhaps keep it?
The thing with blogs is essentially you throw them into a vast sphere of nothingness. You don't see the expression on one's face when they read it; and I like to know what impressions my little writings leave, after all their comments on blogs they read are optional where as their facial reactions are not.
I found that in order to stay awake or complete a film I have to be doing something else, like play a game on my laptop or chat. I am currently watching a film; could this be a direct response to the film? Or is this almost like a film review?
I love watching films, I am not bored by them, but I do get annoyed at little things. Not to sound obsessed or anything but when I watch a film, I pick a character regardless of gender to act out in my mind. I practice smiles, facial expressions, eye movement, line delivery as well as keeping track of locations and sets. I am absolutely ridiculously careful when it come to details simply because continuity is important to me.
For a first blog I'm talking about things that seem not at all introductory but somehow familiar and more explanatory of my character. So instead I will tell you about the film I'm watching.
'Julie & Julia' starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I didn't read the synopsis or story when I bought the film. The names alone were enough to me. I simply adore Meryl Streep, she is one of the best actresses to me and a wonderful role model. Amy Adams is also good, sweet and easy on the eyes. The film was essentially about cooking, but to me it was more about how one can identify with another person simply by sharing a passion.
I relate to that on many levels; you meet someone, you connect. It could be your love for chocolate, your unexplainable passion for shoes, political views or taste in music. It doesn't matter the connection has been established. It's what you do with it that is important; do you allow yourself to explore your ideas through the other person? Or do you debate on many other things to see on how many other parallel ideologies you agree on?
It's fascinating that random people can have the most in common, but what's mind blowing even more so is when your friends and yourself don't have so much in common. Am I making sense? Well, it stems from the need to find a comfort zone I think, and where else would you feel most comfortable? With family and friends? People like you? People who share your sentiments on things? Or on your own?
I never know when it is appropriate to end these things. Should they (blogs) suggest a question and let it float or do I talk and rationalize my ideas? Since it is my first, I will let it be short and sweet as opposed to long, boring and confusing.
The film has made me hungry. And I have a sudden urge for French wine
If you can, watch it, it is definitely not a waste of time.


  1. <3's and hugs sweeite. oh and the pic on twitter was just to get your attention, and attention of others to look at your blog. =o)

  2. man i love icecream, epsecially the fancy stuff like in the pic.