Nov 26, 2009

Wish List

What I would like for the year 2009 is for it t bring peace of mind to everyone, a sincere sound of heart, and a big f*cking bag of money for me
The economy hasn't shaped up yet, there's a black man in the white house, war on my east, a heart-breaking occupation and war against humanity on my west and a struggle to be the best I possibly can, on the inside.

We all strive (or at least I HOPE we all do) to be perfect, and the best person for our placement in life. That NEED to achieve, to create, to be part of, to be included and retain an inner sense of satisfaction. Again I hope.
I say I hope because I see too many brainless, nameless, mindless, thoughtless zombies walking around. Too many colorless auras, too many empty chis, too many lifeless kaffes and it really hurts – not me personally I couldn't possibly care less (or could I?) but to society.
To be down and depressed is the IN thing these days, thinking not with your entire capacity of your brain but barely turning on the bloody thing is common, to walk instead of run, to exist instead of live, to like instead of love, to care instead of be passionate, to read and not understand, to talk and not make sense, to hear but not listen, to breathe but not to LIVE.
I wish 2010 will bring something new to everyone, some new experience, a new dream, a new love, a new Beginning.. Hell I wish everyone can get a big bag of money too (mine at this point should be bigger).
My wish list, for me personally (and after a lot of thinking) would be along the next lines:
I (and in all honest and what not) hope for the strength to face the world each and every single day. But allowed to be weak enough to know that even thought I tried my utmost best; I can't do everything – at least not alone.
I want the aid and stealth to be generous to those who need my help, in any way shape or form. But be absolutely frugal (or try to be even thought I love me) with what I need myself.
Can I be granted the wisdom to embrace the fact that I do not know everything? But still be happy enough to believe that good things happen to those who wait, some miracles exist.. oo and fairytales do come true?
I am willing to share my joys so long as it's not to be taken as rubbing anything in anyone's face or bragging. I need help opening my heart to the willingness to share the sorrows of others, as hurtful and burdening as that may be.
Gift me the awareness to assume the leader role when I see a path others have missed.
And regress to be a silent follower at times when I am masked in the midst of uncertainty.
I would like to sustain my ability to congratulate an opponent who succeeds (gritting teeth & rolling eyes). But give me the power to be the last to criticize a colleague or a friend who fails. I'm a Virgo and we're does suck-eth
Could I possibly know where my next step will fall? Because, I really am tired of stumbling. And if it's possible to get a map where my final destination lies, not to ruin the surprise but to be more aware in case I'm going the wrong way.
I want to find the time to be there and loving to those who love me or at the very least care about me. And finally and more surprisingly I find that I'd like to be more loving to those who do not love or LIKE me even; in the hopes that they may change.
To sum it all up I'd like, wisdom, patience, virtue, a Canon EOS 1D and that big bag of money – please find attached address
Till another list is made


  1. Marvelous post .. i do hope that your wishes come true.

  2. Very Profound and I understand alot of what you are saying. As I am less than 2 yrs away from my 50th Birthday, I've seen and experienced a great deal in my life. I realize others have seen and experienced a great deal more that me, and others Not so much. We must cherish every day and try to make the most of them. I do the best I can, and I sure you do as well. If I could I would snap my fingers and make the world Utopia for us all, but I can't. I wish for you complete Happiness and Fullfilment in your lifetime. Peace and Love to you! JR

  3. Awww<3 nice honest piece well written. I sincerely wish you every happiness hun.<3

  4. So you going to keep your eyes open for a bag with that giant money sign on it? I think that you already possess many of the human qualities that you are striving to achieve for 2010. It does take time though to develop patience in the face of inscrutable apathy or malevolence. Ultimately I think people have strayed away from the more upper echelon transcending goals and focus more on the day to day process of getting by. I think Maslow's Theory of Actualization is relevant to your 2010 goals. Here's an article explaining the theory:

    Anyway, keep up the excellent blogging miss b.



  5. Pah, don't get a 1D, get a 5D Mk2, still uses a full frame sensor but records in full 1080HD 30p video. Plus it's a lot lot cheaper, the only downside is the AF isn't smart but if you are using MF then no problems.