Dec 13, 2009

If I was a Boy I'd be Gay

A shocking title? Maybe so, had it been remotely sexual. But it's not, so you can relax your face and wipe the wtf look off.

Now bear in mind that every time I say gay in the next page or two I mean purely homosexual men, not women. 

To break it down for you; I would want to be a gay man simply because they know how to enjoy life, and I don't mean it in the choice of partner or their physicality – to each their own- but I mean the way they live.

Their flag is a rainbow, they're represented by a knight (sir Elton john) who is a musical prodigy, ladies (lady gaga and lady Diana) who were/are very outspoken about freedom of choice, a Prince (Prince) who is a record-breaking artist, a terminator who allows them to wed and an endless sea of Haute couture to dress them, not to mention artists, musicians, politicians, actors, and so on.

In simple English, Gay – even thought I don't like to keep repeating the word- is a celebration of life. Gay Paris was a place to live out your wild dreams last century, Gay in the dictionary means HAPPY. They have been discriminated, killed off, harmed, shunned & how do they fight back? One would think using arms and weapons because they're bitter, but no, they fight back in parades and eccentric out of this world outfits and colors, in amazing clubbing music and dance styles, in individuality and creativity. 
One would think a class of people that have been alienated for their sexual preference would be hatful and vengeful but no, because they believe in peace, love and humanity.

Why are they to be treated in a shameful way based on their sexual preference? Humans do much worse in the privacy of their own bedrooms, there is no law against or for extreme fetishes that could send people to hospitals. There is no law against brutality in the marital bed. But humans have a knack to destroy everything they're jealous of especially the religious unhappy miserable bigots, they can't stand to see people happy.

And I especially talk about gay men, not gay women; gay women seem to or can be full of hate and so vengeful it's shocking!
How many times do you see a female in a group of gay men? Or a group of women with a gay man? Many times? All the time? Now, how many times do you see a straight man with a group of gay women? Or a gay woman in a group of straight men? Rarely? It's simple; gay women become gay because of loathe of the male specie, and of course because they're attracted to other women, where as gay men become gay out of no loathe but to follow a natural call, among other reasons.

Again I'm generalizing so don't take it personal. Gay men are almost always fabulous, over dramatic, brilliantly dressed and smiling. Gay women are frowning, with a haircut that resembles a road kill, and have a frumpy unkempt look, they are rude and unfriendly.

Is it because of this feeling that we as humans feel; judged? But women tend to take it a step further and more personal and it affects their over all behavior? Where as gay men raise their hand and say: ' s*ck it b*tch '. I'm not trying to score any points with any gender nor am I judging based on some biased opinion. But I base it all on what I see.

A group of gay men is fun, fit, lively, complimentary and flamboyant. A group of gay women is somber, quiet, dull, neutral, frumpy, and there's a sign that says beware of the estrogen they're running out of place to hide the bodies.
Why though? Why must there be this huge gap? Is it the difference between genders? Is it more difficult for gay women to live in this world? Are gay men stoics by nature?

If I was a gay man and I met a crazy neurotic woman,I'd turn gay,  stay gay and say 'eff that sh*t'. I understand why some straight men are single. 

Till Happy gay cherries go BOOM BOOM