Dec 18, 2009

Death in Exhale

I must explain that this poem reflects nothing of my own personal emotions, rather it's the voice of the unknown.
I read a poem written by a guy who accused the girl of many things & wished she would die. 
His words were full of grim, dark thoughts, and I took it upon myself to give the girl a voice to enable her to reply to his accusations. I hope you like it :]

Presuming, is often perceived as a sin, & I will hold you to yours.
Lying was not my trait, and therefore, your accusations scorn.

Never have I burned anything, except you have torched my heart
Ashes it had turned to as my throne of ice & I part

Justice was delivered, doth my eye have never seen
One who loved, to crave such an unjust unfair deed

Sinners were never winners, yet I’m at lost
To where will you drag me, with what reason, at what cost?

Sleep parted with me since you had left, too guilty to rest
Of some revenge you plot and dream of, as the sun of today set

Night has become still, a queer voice I hear calling
I rise from my chamber to meet and find a sight so appalling

Hate and fire in thine eyes, a dagger in thy hands
I whisper as I take my very last stand

You of all people, 
who own my heart and tore me apart

Speak of morals, sins and who’s to blame?
You stole my love, and now you put it to shame

Silence is what you shall receive for I forever will be gone
The grave is where I lay, when all wrong is done.

I have one last thing to say before you plant in me your blade
Who now has the chill arctic embrace?

It was a girl’s broken promise? That’s your prided case?
Her knife in your back? Had that been true how dare I show face?

T’was your murder of my innocence, which made hell a freeze
Damned was the day I drank your poison & grew you like a disease

A tear falls down my face, as I know sooner or later you shall learn
What heinous act of supposed chivalry you preformed, burn

Each, everyday, as they breathe, they shall be reminded
Your mind, corrupted and stabbing, blind sighted

Will ache when you know you have done wrong
To believe that I could’ve ever bring you harm

Faith faded. It was your doing not mine 
For you to believe of me such a unholy crime

Grey the skies tainted, 
a love once painted

A scream heard across the land
A story of a man who is now dammed

A grave stone that stands strong till today 
You my dearest have indeed taken my breath away.


1 comment:

  1. Affection sometimes seems so fleeting , that i will just take a moment and tell you , that my deepest desire would be to have my body tangled with you, as my mind is now.

    Oracle : must i tell you all my secrets, in exchange for the treasured thoughts of love ? Whose thoughts are purest to another? Can i choose who i love ? or is it ordained by God?

    I champion for your emotional health. and healing of your emotional hurts. Slay me not to death in your heart. but rest i be, a very tiny part of it.

    i escape to your image; to think of time lost, lost love or love not shown. my faults, come as tears to your feet, like wilted rose petals.
    In my security, i make you secure. i need your admiration, i need your friendship; i be so bold as to say, i need your love and prayers. My mind is in love with you, if not the touch of your beautiful body. Love me in your dreams in a chance moment, as i you.