Jan 26, 2010

Fear & loathing on the streets of Amman

Don't you love textdrivers? You thought drunk-drivers were bad..but NOOOO..welcome to the new ultimate driver's fear, it comes to you in the daytime, afternoon or night. It comes in the form of ANY driver, of any age and background..IT IS SCARY BUSINESS

Now I understand the existence of emergencies, but is that text REALLY important? Must it be sent at that VERY specific moment? Can you not wait till you get to the traffic light or your destination?

Traffic police stops you if you're on the phone or you're not wearing your seat belt, but who stops those texters? It's no joke, dialing someone and being on the phone takes approximately 2-4 seconds, but typing up a text will require at least double that time granted you don't mess it up and have to start over.

I like to think that a drive is just that and NOT a mental trip, watching out for everything in the street is bad enough, to top that off now I have to watch out for that text-driver who might be having a live chat or tweeting every minute on the minute.
Put your phone down, wait a minute and then when your vehicle comes to a full stop, carry on with your brain surgery/PHD thesis discussion/delivering a child/or whatever amazing life changing texts you have to send.
Furthermore I'd appreciate it if you don't endanger my life, it's definitely NOT LESS IMPORANT than yours.

With love, the honking scared sh*tless driver behind you :-]