Nov 19, 2009

a sip of my cup

Coffee is one beverage i am grateful for.
People mention water first, but i personally don't like the bland plain taste of water. I like taste! we have taste-buds why should I be deprived of an extra dash of taste?

I take mine black with sugar in the morning, white with no sugar midday and then black in the evening, no sugar no cream.

I like how it wakes me up, the added sugar makes it less bitter, naturally. Midday requires a more rich coffee, like a meal requires a rich sauce or the cigarette after.

Different brews and brands don't impress me, too many options confuse me. give it to me straight, black and strong. tea is for sickness, hot chocolate is for winter movie nights with a friend, other 'cino family members; cappuccino, moccaccino, frapuccino, cococcino, confuse-the-hell-out-of-me-ccino are too unnecessary and feel more like dessert than a hot drink to me, so i kindly refuse.

I take my time in the morning, not like I'm in a hurry. regardless whether i am or not. i take my time, the need to start a day out right is essential to me. i'd rather be late than dead or in a mood due to my lack of caffeine.

i am not a morning person, never have, never will be. any hour before 7 am is fine by me, any time after 1 pm is perfect.

I also have a routine, a system; washing up, making coffee, smoking a cigarette while updating dailybooth, facebook, twitter or any addictive social network I'm on.

Then the process of getting dressed begins. It, also has a system, a well devised plan for me not to go back and forth between closet, bed and mirror.
After pausing for a countless amount of minutes in front of my medium sized closet, and upon deciding that today perhaps a dress is not a good idea, but jeans and converse is more weather appropriate. I lay everything on my already made bed.

The Jeans goes on first, socks and then shirt (also is the same order for undressing if you were curious). Dancing a little bit (music is a must) with the aid of an oversize hairbrush to mimic lip-syncing. we've all done it, please don't raise your eye-brow at me!
after more mirror time to perfect the image i am trying to relay today, one last song, one last look; bed/done, clothes/hung, towel/bathroom, desk/clean, laptop/turned off, i am ready to go.

coffee is perhaps the one beverage that will never change, not in taste, price, or preperation. you will always hear people say they'll meet each other over a coffee, you go over to someone's house and they offer you coffee.

i wrote a song called wake up and smell the coffee, the lyrics go something like
'wake up and smell the coffee, wake up and get ready to leave?' (side way glances as i try to remember how the song goes) but the point is, the term is used as a metaphor for someone to snap out of it and realize the situation or smell reality.

i wish reality smelled like coffee, i wish coffee had a switch on button that allows it to flow in my blood system at times; long drives when you're tired, bored out of your mind and mentally yawning, lack of a good winter jacket, and a lonesome cigarette in hand waiting for it's beautiful mistress to intertwine and tease my taste buds.

I guess that was on my mind, or wasn't on my mind more like in front of me. while my cold cup is waiting for me like a naked lover waits on you in bed and my unlit cigarette is eyeballing me like a dirty shot of salted tequila on the bar.
i must take one, and happily rejoice in the arms of the other.

till another sip, piece or bite.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog, went to the very beginning, and i already love you for this post, caffeine and nicotine offff... the post made my day :D