Aug 14, 2010

When NO means NO & not a MAYBE..

Boy meets girl, girl goes out with boy, girl decides that they're not compatible, girl says NO, guy thinks *SCOOOOORE* uhummm what? Reverse a bit there cowboy – NO means what?

I blame the silly stereotypes that tell you: 'When a girl says YES, she means NO. When she says NO, she means YES. When she says MAYBE it's a definite YES..!!! Who came up with that shish must be a stepford wife or a male chauvinist pig who thinks we can't make up our own minds.

Correction to all those Romeos out there; NO means NO. & you're lucky we live where we do, had this been the EU,US or any 1st world country your a$$ would be in jail for anything between harassment to plotting to kill.
& on another joyful note, since when has NO stopped being a personal choice & became an attack on the other person's character?

Girl: sorry but I think it's best we stop seeing each other/dating/talking/living..etc
Guy (aka victim if you're a guy reading this, douche if you're a girl reading this) *With a blank look on his face*: I understand.
Girl (a lil bit relived it was easy & painless) ok great then you take care. Bye.
Guy: ok I'll call you tomorrow
Girl: O_o uhuum what? No that will be unnecessary, thanks, bye!
Guy: but we're goin to the movies.
Girl: NO because we just ended it.
Guy: naaaaaah you'll come around.
Girl: come around where?!?!?!?!?!? No guy it's over. We should really not hang out anymore
Guy (blank stare goes to anger face minus the green tint) YOU ARE ENDING IT WITH MEEEE?
MEEEEE? Who do you think you are!!!! (Continue with whatever rage fit, you think best describes you)

When a person chooses not to be with you, it's ok. That's THEIR choice. 
 It has nothing to do with you, & it's not negative. It's a CHOICE.
People have a right to chose what they want to do, you can't force things on them. & you need to simply move on. 

Rejection is ok, you have rejected people before, you've broken hearts whether you know it or not.

In conclusion to all modern day Romeos; IT'S OK if a girl rejects you, going after her like Matthew Mcconaughey & pulling the ultimate romantic ending might work, 89% of the time it doesn't & with this one adapting the 'try & try & try again' method will only make you look sad.

Moral: MOVE ON kthxbai