Aug 23, 2010

Stop & stare..

Today while at a meeting at work, where all offices & meeting rooms are glass – (oh joy) there were 2 women a blond & a brunette. No that's not it, I started noticing all the men at work hovering around the meeting room they were in. and not in a subtle – ooh I'm just walking through here – but rather in the –holy f*ck there's a female & I'm gonna be a creep and just walk back and forth awkwardly while staring.
I was thinking to myself, are the women THAT gorgeous? And I asked one of the guys who was calmly going through his computer, he looked at me then at them and said "who? Oh the girls, meh." And I was impressed there were 2 guys and half the girls uninterested by the presence of these normal looking female homosapians!
I looked at the guys again; married, married, engaged, engaged, sleaze, butthead, jerk..then when they all huddled in front of the office these 2 very normal looking – decently dressed women. I called one of them and said stop drooling your wife gave birth to twins last month!!!!!

He came to where I was sat, and said something like "what a piece of meat" I was horrified!!!!
 1.       I am sitting here
2.       You're married and a dad
3.       You're not that type – at all
4.       It's Ramadan & your fasting
5.       I am sitting right here
I wonder what those girls felt like; I mean sure walking down the street you'd get stared at & ogled, but they were at an office, and these were employees!!!!

I was shocked, still am shocked. oh and also wedding rings were taken off –kthx 

i just want to know how guys would feel had we treated them this way? oh who are we kidding - we're not THAT desperate :-p