Jun 5, 2010

Like a scene from a movie

Like a thunder-bolt she stormed into the room.

Rushing in blindly, bumping into everything that stood in her way, or brushed by her heaving body.

She grabbed what she felt, for she saw nothing.
Throwing it across the wall, its crashing and shattering sound startled a feeling or a nerve that triggered her need to destroy

She was in so much pain, she was breathless.
An urge to demolish all that's beautiful tickled. All her senses burned, the leash was broken

The rage was loose, her ager was burning, her revenge had just started.
She broke, she tore, she screamed and yelled, she beat, kicked and stomped.

The plates in pieces, the vases were no more whole.
Chairs were out of place and colors were simply mixed up
The nausea was overwhelming, the sickness making her light headed, she wept and slept.
New day, a new scene.