Jun 16, 2010

Twitter Etiquette 101

It's really interesting to see the rapid development of social media networking. But I can't help but wonder if it had evolved all to quickly for many people.

Theirs is no 'Social Media Networks Etiquette 101" so many just wing it, and many get lost in what is appropriate and what is out of the question and unacceptable.

For example 'Twitter' people follow you and you follow back to share common interest, sometimes these people are your real life friends. But usually it's 2 individuals from all walks of life coming together using this amazing network which allows you in 140 characters to convey a thought, idea, link, or simply correspond. 

Many take it lightly, as in; daily updates about their whereabouts what they're doing & little one-liners about daily events of any nature.
Often people take twitter as a medium to promote their work, their hobbies, their side interests etc. & usually have a higher follower count than the following.
And then there are people who are interested in everything and anything; politics, daily events, sports, arts, music..etc.

But there is no guide on how to communicate with others, especially the people you don't know, & you have to bear in mind that they are as clueless as you are. Due to somewhat annoying habits, people unfollow you & instead of this experience being a fun one you are in risk of making people uncomfortable. But there are simple things one must really consider & really need to take into perspective

1. You & your followers/people you follow are not best friends. You are acquaintances and there has to be boundaries to jokes, comments accordingly of course,

2. People really don't want to know your bowl movements & anything else that falls in the "personal hygiene

3. You don't need to ask people to follow you, it's not a popularity contest, chill & have fun

4. Protecting your tweets deprive people of getting to know you before choosing to follow you & it's a shame – if there's really anything that's private u should probably keep it off the internet. This is a social network and your coming off as anti-social.

5. Refrain from giving yourself tittles especially those that depend on experience rather than a diploma – no offence but if you are an expert, a guru, an activist, or any self proclaimed title that fails to come to mind at the moment – good for you.

6. Don't over share, don't under share. The plus minus rule!

7. If you want to quote movies, holy books, poetry, songs, bare in mind that you will be associated with this & should mention this in you mini bio as an introduction to your interests.

8. MINI BIO is there for a reason, use it

9. A judgmental, aggressive attitude & attacking people, being a constant nuisance & a nosy know it all will probably get you blocked, reported or unfollowed – don't be a cyber bully

10. You will have fans and you will have haters, let it go. Stay classy & be the bigger person.

11. Racist/sexist jokes will get you in trouble, so either be prepared for heat or simply don't go into the kitchen.

12. Twitter is not a dating site, good for you for being out there & looking but come on..

13. …

I've left the rest out for you to fill out.. I'd like your 2 cents please