May 24, 2010

The strength of a woman's heart.

No mater how strong a woman claims she is, once a man whispers sweet nothings into her ear it almost instantly softens her soul.

I was always proud of the fact that I can separate my emotions and feelings from my brain and common sense when stepping into a relationship; be it of a romantic nature or that of a modern world platonic relationship. 

Except I slip every now and then when a man gives me a bit of extra attention, showers me with compliments, and shamelessly flirts with me, making me blush.

Yes I slip, and I fall. Notice how I don’t refer to it as softly, comfortably settling into something, but I loudly, full heartedly call it falling! Like you would in a problem, in a hole, in a whirlpool, in a puddle, you catch my drift?

You know why I’m that hostile? well to be completely honest, I’m a sucker for cute romantic chick flicks, but in real life, all I can think of is, oh this guy wants something, My body ? Surely not, there are hundreds who are WAY hotter.
My brain? I have my legal Blonde moments.
My millions? My car has loans among millions of little problems that I can't afford to fix in the meantime, is it practically illegal to drive it. Oh it IS ILLEGAL??!?!?!? *facepalm.

But give me one good looking guy, a bottle of dry, white wine and I’m gone!

And another thing, why do we fall for the wrong people? Answer me that, with something convincing yet absurdly true, that I didn’t spot myself.
And I shall grant you 3 wishes.
I promise…
Here you go, it is in writing.