May 4, 2010

Under my WHAT?

Something is under your nose and can't see it? Of course not, it's UNDER my nose; I can maybe smell it or feel it hovering & brush it away.

I don't get that saying, nor do I relate to it. When I was younger my mom always taught us to walk shoulders back look straight don't look up OR down. So hell yeah I won't see something under my nose. I don't know about you but people with self esteem & & who are self conscious look at their feet when they're walking, maybe THEY can see things under their noses!
It's like when someone tells you; "you have a piece of food stuck between your teeth", YOUR TEETH, which are in your mouth, which is under your nose anatomaly. & "oh you have a boggie" which is hanging directly under our nose. Did I prove my point? Or are you just disgusted?
Plus I highly doubt I'd be interested in anything that's shorter than I am. Being 5'1 anything / one shorter than I am! Is either underage or just not worth me going to jail over. But does that mean that I'm marginalized cuz I'm short and the guys can't see me? Ohhhh so explains the attention I get when I'm in heels..hmm funny
If something is under your nose and you haven't noticed or see it, TRUST ME it can jump up smack you across the face and you'd still be all oblivious about it. We as humans don't like to work for something; easy come easy go? Who cares it was easy and effortless MORE OF THAT PLEASE. Whether it's good or bad it's still easy & simple. So the idea of something to look for i.e. love or a good job is a bit annoying and pulls us out of our comfort zone.  
If ever someone read this PLEASE – I beg you- start using IN FRONT OF MY NOSE that way all you have to do is cross your eyes. Effortless see?
More fun things to thing about = what the hell is up the saying "best thing since sliced bread'? REALLY? REEEAAALLY? That is your point of contrast? Sliced bread? This amazing 21st century automobile with all the droolable qualities & millions of $$ goin into making it a better version of the perfect model is AS GOOD or SLIGHTLY better than sliced bread?! 
Well effin duuuuh!! Who slices bread anyway? Toast? You're comparing something to toast?  Arabic bread is ripped apart (min il ta'3mees) that sounds hella much better than slicing.
The hell is so great about sliced bread then? Or does it not exist? Oh so my wonderful inspired design is as good as that sliced bread that doesn't exist..NIIIIIICE

Just a thought in my sleep deprived mind this morning :-D
Anything you heard that made you go huh? do share
Till daffodils & sunflowers grow in the backyard of my lovely imaginary town house I bid you good day.