Apr 21, 2015

2 minute microwave baked eggs in a mug

Who would've guessed it? Give a girl some ingredients, a kitchen under her disposal and a loooooooooooot of free time on her hand and this happens.

it's the second easiest thing i've ever had to do or even wanted to do in my life.

I used 2 eggs, lactose free milk (because life), salt, pepper, herbs and a microwave.
Would've loved to have a strip or 2 of Bacon next to this, but oh well. I ditched the toast because it's so fluffy and filling and carbs would've ruined that i feel.

How to:
Coat your mug with some non stick, fat free cooking spray. Add the eggs and a bit of milk and beat. Add your salt, pepper, herbs and anything your heart desires.
Microwave on HIGH for a minute; scramble and microwave again for another minute.

For the cheese lovers, i would assume some shredded cheese on top would be divine (or so i hear) 

Sahtain and bon app├ętit dahhlings xx