Jun 1, 2014


One of the very few first items i bought when i moved to Dubai was a digital camera.

I wanted to save the moment, to take as many pictures as i can, to post & share with friends and family. As time went by i noticed i was using my phone more and more, simply because it was with me all the time, and sharability factor played a huge part.

My pretty little camera sat in a drawer on its own, with your odd cables and broken chargers and honestly i think someone out there can and will make better use of it.

So as part of the #ItsWorthMore than you think challenge, I'm giving up my camera to whomever is willing to give up something as special and useful.

What is “It’s Worth More Than You Think”?

dubizzle are highlighting the importance of pre-loved items and how they may be extremely useful, nay, even vital to others. And how something that maybe dear to us, but we haven't been using, can actually change someone's life.

The campaign kicked off with this film

Nothing will make my heart happier than my camera helping someone take pictures of their life and send it back home to their family, or newlyweds take picture of their honeymoon, or someone's daughter discovers her love photography.

Follow the hashtag on Twitter #ItsWorthMore

Join the challenge and put up something of yours that you're no longer using and you may get this awesome camera of mine ^_^ <3

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