Jan 13, 2014


Over 8500 color runners including myself ran the happiest 5k of our lives on Dec 14th late last year. It was nothing short than EPIC! 

The Color Run presented by Activelife was a complete success, it was held at Dubai Autodrome in the UAE! 

Now when I first heard about it and saw all the posts on social media I wasn't sure I could do it. Bear in mind I’m not the fittest or the most physically active person you've met, but hey, nothing a good cause, great friends, and loud music couldn't fix!

My friends and I drove up to the Autodrome early on Saturday morning, geared up with our fabulous attire and coffee (we needed it!). When we got there it was already packed and an overall joyful spirit filled the atmosphere. The music started pumping and excitement levels were rising.

We were off! We passed by a different color station every 1k, and nothing could prepare us for what was next, powder bomb after powder bomb were thrown at us, coats of color started piling up. Yellow, Red, pink and blue stations made sure that not one inch was left uncovered. 

We concluded the 5k (barely!) in a little bit over an hour and joined the thousands of runners in an afternoon concert and delights. We filled our tummies with some yummies and loads of water and patted each other on the back for a job well done! That is one day I will never forget.

The next day, my friends and I went through the pictures and argued over how long it took us to wash the color off. I kid you not; it took a good 4 hours of scrubbing to wash away the awesome! 

I suppose the more rewarding part of it all, other than being able to finish the 5k without injuries is the fact that we were able to contribute back to society. All of the ticket entries and the money people were raising on the side were donated to 'Operation Smile' a great cause indeed. 

Here’s to an even more colorful 2014