Jan 18, 2014

That time I tried Hypoxi

Through out the years I've tried many diets, work-outs, i even popped pills to lose weight. I'm not the fittest person out there and at some point in your life your metabolism just...stops

I heard about Hypoxi and i read more about it, but at first i must admit i was skeptical, they claimed it was fast and effortless, sounded more like magic than anything.

Hypoxi is a weight loss method that uses a special vacuum and pressure process that breaks down the fat on your problem areas, working on your cellulite and blood circulation.

To my delight Machka Beauty and Body Design on Wasl road/Dubai have the machines and offer new comers a free first trial session.

I took an appointment and went for my first session, the girls at Machka helped me through the entire process and took my measurements.

They have 4 different machines and explained the purpose and benefits of each machine, the one that suits me the most was The S120 which is very much like riding the bike at the gym while feeling the effect of the vacuum.

I was somewhat convinced but decided to sign up and try it for myself. I got more familiar with my  schedule and diet, and with every session i was able notice the difference in measurements.

After 12 sessions, i lost about 4 kg and 26cm in total, that's 2 sizes.

I'm not gonna tell you how happy i was, but i did go and buy myself some booty-hugging jeans. There was a noticeable change in my lower body, and i felt like a million bucks.

Unfortunately the holidays rolled along and i indulged slightly more than i should. One phone call  to Machka and i'm back on the program. I have a bigger target this time and an end result in my head, i need to rock a bikini on the beaches of Sri lanka by March, IT'S ON!

Tried and tested, recommended and definitely on board. lemme know if you have any questions or need that extra push! I'll see you there ^_^