Jun 24, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

When i originally went to the movies to watch World War Z last night, i went with no expectations and no preconceived ideas on what it was, i read a couple of tweets and knew it was a Brad Pitt movie.

It was sold out in 2 and 3D all over Dubai, but we managed to get 3 tickets at Grand Cinemaplex at Wafi which surprisingly has a great big spacious theaters, big screens, very comfortable and reclining seats and a London Dairy shop. What more can a movie goer ask for?

got there early, grabbed our perfect situated seats and it begins..


now i love zombie inspired anything; games, theme parties, movies, plays, jokes..you name it.
So i knew i would love this..Alas..that didn't last long..

let me break it down for you


Gerry (Brad Pitt) is or was a UN employee and his wife (baby?) and 2 daughters escape the zombie apocalypse. And using his UN connections manages to secure refugee on a military ship, however he needs to help them (the US government of course) find a solution or cure or at least answers behind this..THING!


Gerry has to leave his family who is thrown into an apocalypse where people are being turned into zombies. After he helps his family escape they are taken to a battleship. His family can only stay if he can help fix this. Gerry travels to a few countries that are infested zombies, including...wait for it...ISRAEL.

Which is the most peaceful place in the world, and Palestinians and Israelis live together in peace and harmony behind a wall that is keeping..wait for it...THE ZOMBIES OUT...

(insert profanities)

Will he be able to fix this? knowing Hollywood..yes
Will he go back to his family? knowing Hollywood..of course

The Acting:

Is not noticeable because it's an action flick and no one cares about the acting.

My take:

- There was too much wasted time
- Major product placement
- loose ends

To quote Joe Akkawi this movie should have been called Ctrl+Z

and here you go..just for laughs

B points