Feb 12, 2013

Movie Review: Lincoln

http://gcaggiano.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/lincoln-movie-poster.jpgIf you're looking for a history lesson, that's what you will get.


Lincoln takes us to the time when the Civil War was in full throttle in 1865 America and its reelected president is torn between bringing the war to an end or rethinking his Emancipation Proclamation which even though freed most slaves to fight his war but had not made slavery illegal. Only a constitutional amendment would rid America of its racism.

Not an easy task, not a pleasant decision, the struggle is very evident through out the movie.

too many opinions, too many negotiations, be it political (in the congress) or family (his wife and son) it was INTENSE.

By the end of it all you just want to scream at the screen..EFFIN FINALLY!?!?!??!

The Acting:

Story aside, the acting was plausible, as expected

Daniel Day-Lewis did a fabulous job, he was a great Lincoln. However, personally i think he was out shined by Tommy Lee Jones. that man is a legend.
Sally Field as always brought perfection to the screen to say the least.

The one that stole the show for me was James Spader perfectly named Bilbo ^_^

I didn't see much of Spielburg 's influence in the film, nothing spectacular.

over all a good saturday afternoon movie. NOT worth watching at the cinema.

B points