Oct 3, 2012

It's not easy to B

I can't remember if i read this somewhere, or i saw it in a movie, but it has never made more sense..

'it's not easy making friends and the older you get the harder it becomes'

Not for the fact that people become more judgemental, nor the fact that they become harder to please and embrace, but for the simple fact that we know what we want and what we don't want.
As is the way with anything you like or dislike, you simply choose to expose yourself to something or disregard and move on.

A dish you know you like as apposed to 'trying' something new.
A book you KNOW you will like because it's of a certain genre, or a movie because of the trailer.

Love it or hate, it the older you get the clearer it becomes what you like and what you're willing to tolerate.

Now when people are concerned, it's not rocket science that if you don't get along..you need to move on it's never going to happen. However it is worth mentioning that not everyone WILL like you, not everyone WILL want to hang out with you and not everyone is WILLing to accept new friends.

The hard part i suppose is accepting that it's not personal, not something you can control and not something you have much of a say in.

Our nature to be liked (a la FaceBook), listened to (a la twitter), or impress others (with our choices of links we share/pins we pin/pics we tumble/and video we enjoyed) is so undeniably strong that we almost feel offended that people don't favourite/RT/Follow or simply like us.

Being yourself is not easy in a world where people judge you by what phone you carry, clothes you wear, music you listen to or even the food you chose to eat (but hey fruitarians are craycray right?)

Being yourself (or at least trying) while juggling to fit in the norm, to feel a sort of acceptance is one of the hardest, cruelest, most unstintingly perpetual cycles.

When you're born you don't have a manual that you should abide by, when you are a kid your creativity and difference is (or should) be celebrated there is no WRONG answer to 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' (or at least there shouldn't be)

We shouldn't all aspire to be the same, we shouldn't all want the same things, we shouldn't all crave the same life.(sadly that is not reality)

Therefor differences should be celebrated, and by being different you're allowing room for choice, and by allowing room for choice your allowing people to accept or not accept you - as THEIR choice!

It's not easy to be, it's not easy to choose. The lucky ones have it easy, but hey that's boring no?

Pick your friends wisely, for your friends may not always like your thoughts, quote your words, enjoy the activities you do. But your friends accept you as is, as does family.

For the rest (aquaintences) that you acquire through life, they're just another dot of ink you will use to write the story of your life, don't stress so much about it. Or at least try..

PS: if you succeed let me know