Feb 17, 2012

That One Person

If you’re lucky enough to have met that one person that raises the bar for you, be wise enough to hang on to them with your teeth, they're a keeper.

Now I say lucky because sometimes the nature of said relationship makes you wonder about life, yourself, your future, where you see yourself. It can have the ability to make you want to be the best person you can, in EVERYTHING you do & at every moment. Which is ALWAYS a good thing.

And that person is a keeper for the mere simple reason that they effortlessly push you to become a better person. They change you not because they want to, but because you want it bad enough that even once (& if) it’s all over you will never regret it nor will you feel foreign to yourself. You will just be a refined version of you.

This person may come as frequent as seasons, as often as a blue moon, on a bus you fail to miss, in the corner of a bookshop, in the most boring lecture ever, while filling out an application, it can even be the person in front of you in a cue.

Point is, it is unexpected, it’s not always noticeable, & it's unapologetic. Be open & accepting, allow yourself to love & be loved, to give & receive. You owe to yourself, you owe to the person.

There is no reason to block things out, there's no reason to stop a natural flow, & whether your stream ends up merging into the river of life, or if it goes back in to the ground it will still be full of valuable resources it's a win/win situation my friend.