Oct 11, 2010

11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Science

Last Thursday I got a gig hosting the 11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Science, now I am not a scientific person what so ever. It's pretty obvious, but what was not clear to me is why an event as big as this backed up by Jordan University had ZERO advertising?! I heard NOTHING about it.

For an event of this magnitude to be happening for the first time in the Middle East AND in Jordan is a big deal, no?

Must it be an IT or Musical event to get some respect?

The event took place over 3-4 days at the Convention Center - Dead Sea; driving down there was a suicide mission, have you ever noticed how everyone driving around you CAN speed and get away with it & the minute you go 5km/hr above the speed limit a police patrol appears out of nowhere.  So I drove on the right lane 10km/hr UNDER the speed limit AND I still got stopped..routine checks..right. I don't mind that, but was it necessary for the 10 mins of unnecessary 'وين رايحة؟ ' 'عربية انتي' شو بتشتغلي؟' 'سكان عمان؟'

I humor them and myself, they're here to 'protect & serve' with the occasional chat.

Poor lighting & the occasional suicidal speeding pr*cks. Lack of radio coverings due to our 'neighbor's'  hella strong radio signal, dead iPod battery, resulting to chain smoking & singing out loud.

Got there, did my bit, catering was silly; you have an international conference happening for the first time in the middle east & in Jordan & they serve them international food!? Why?

Serve them local delicacies. Rice = good, meat = good,yogurt = goooood.Balash how bout all the other yummy dishes the Middle East is famous for.We have NO FISH..DON'T SERVE FROZEN FISH..IT'S JUST WRONG..!!! 

Driving Back, stopped again, same questions..la la la

On a positive note I bought a voice recorder to record these 'thoughts/rambles/babbles/rants' so I won't forget to post blogs yay for my 'Stamos' (the VR's nickname) yes I name my appliances.

more rants to come <3 



  1. What hurts is that in Jo there exist research centers and chemical\pharmaceutical industry.. valuable things that should be taken care of!

    It's sad so sad to see such carelessness!
    In the whole Arab world such industry exists solely in the land of petroleum where most of the experts working there are not Arabs!

    We travel, leave our homes our families.. everything for better opportunities while we ignore what is there right in front of us!

    No one care for humanity it's all about the money now! :/