Jul 20, 2010

Where did this laziness come from?

I'm super lazy & I've been procrastinating one thing too many.

I used to commend myself on being able to juggle different errands & deadlines.
but since i haven't had much to do for a while it seems i can't even do more than one thing at the same time :-/

My sleeping hours have increased to well over 8hrs - I'm always too exhausted
is it the heat? I hate using ACs & fans give me a headache & make me nauseous, but then again I can't sleep when it's too hot. I'm confused, incoherent & bothered.

is it a pattern I've sunken into? i Have been doin minimal work for a while now that i feel i can't do the bigger tasks without breaking a sweat ..

i don't get it, don't like it, need to change it..help?