Jul 20, 2010

Where did this laziness come from?

I'm super lazy & I've been procrastinating one thing too many.

I used to commend myself on being able to juggle different errands & deadlines.
but since i haven't had much to do for a while it seems i can't even do more than one thing at the same time :-/

My sleeping hours have increased to well over 8hrs - I'm always too exhausted
is it the heat? I hate using ACs & fans give me a headache & make me nauseous, but then again I can't sleep when it's too hot. I'm confused, incoherent & bothered.

is it a pattern I've sunken into? i Have been doin minimal work for a while now that i feel i can't do the bigger tasks without breaking a sweat ..

i don't get it, don't like it, need to change it..help?



  1. Obama wanted change and see what happened to him... Sleep is power, trust me, someday in the future, a person will be judged by how many hours he/she sleeps.

  2. Bilal i'm not doin anything else other than lounging. it's like i'm hibernating.

  3. It would be many reasons... First of all there is the heat and we all get lazier in the summer months. Then because you have less to do, your adrenaline falls. The more you have to juggle, the more pumped up you get and somehow things get done. With little to do, you can keep postponing. It is a phase... use it to recharge, sleep, think, read, tweet (!!!) until things change. They always do. Good luck :-)

  4. it could be that you are suffering depression
    perform one of these tests,and see,if you have the symptoms,seek medical help.It's a serious issues.
    or it could be just the heat,your mind is occupied or your nutrition is not great. Eat fruits,vegetables,proteins,take stress out of your life.
    wish you all the best :)