Apr 5, 2010


what is it with people wanting to see devastation, blood, gore and whatever may come with accidents?

one accident occurs and the amount of spectators exceeded the mentally acceptable norm.

They gather up, call each other, buy some snacks and munchies, hope it'll take a while because..well we all know it's a great excuse to be late for anything.. "umm, yeah on my way, there's just an accident - traffic jam (il share3 msakker).
i would understand the isle of the actual accident being clogged up like a toilet, but really must there be a standing ovation on the side? like an open air theatrical display.

not only do people come to a complete stop, they park and get out of their cars. men, women, children, business men, taxi drivers, students, they all unite and become one in awe of this accident

while the people involved in the accident walk around in circles or paralel somewhat straight lines back and forth on the phone AT THE TOP OF THEIR VOICES making sure to give the exact details, elaborate of course and ask the person on the phone either to call EVERYONE they know OR not call anyone at all.

i wonder if there will EVER be a time, when drivers will carry on and continue on with their business should there be an accident, or a pretty girl walking on the sidewalk (pretty is optional), or even someone walking a DOG..everything is so intriguing, like they're 5 year olds in a candy shop.

swallow a jawbreaker & die kthx

love, the girl in the honking black Peugeot with cigarette motioning at u to MOVE ALONG NOW..behind u <3