May 11, 2011

thank u for teaching me the true meaning of loss

thank u for pointing out i slipped & trusted mankind again..
i have done so; willingly & full-heartedly
& for showing me how grave my mistake was, i thank you

thank you for showing me a new meaning of cruel..for proving that people can & would sink lower, if we let them

thank you for killing my spirit a little everyday by pointing out & magnifying everything that was/is wrong with me

thank you for my face
thank you for heart & giving it back in pieces
thank you for stomping all over my emotions & crushing my every fiber

i do not hate you..i thank you..
i do not hold a grudge..i thank you
i do not wish u harm..i thank you

i thank you for showing me the true meaning of light, by dimming mine
i thank you for showing me the worth of self-respect, by abducting mine
i thank you for showing me the true meaning of friends, by alienating mine
i thank you for showing me blood is thicker than water, by spilling mine

thank you for showing me what it's like to have nothing to lose anymore, by robbing my everything
thank you for allowing me to see the eyes of betrayal so up close - almost dressing me with them
thank you for proving that no matter how strong i thought i was..
it took a few words..a few lies.. a smile or 2 & it was all taken away

thank you most of all..for the lessons i learned, the bitterness that resides in my skin, the sourness in my mouth, the tears on my pillow, the pain in my heart, the blood spilled, the fear engraved, the scars drawn, the hurt sculpted..

thank you..u still..& always..owe me nothing in return